The Kintla Yoga Therapy program [on the UnitusTI cloud] is the most comprehensive, evidence-based, resource for best-practices in treating trauma that I have seen. For service providers, the programs offered here are customized individually to help address patients’ unique needs—a feature so important, as everybody responds to trauma differently and there is no one-size-fits-all method for treatment. For those receiving treatment, the Kintla Yoga Therapy program offers clear, detailed guidance for practices recommended by the service provider that allows for patients to take the reins of their own healing in a safe and empowering way. These programs are an essential asset to both service providers and patients in healing the effects of trauma and chronic stress.
Apryl E. Pooley, PhD.
Trauma Neuroscientist
Kintla has been a great resource and colleague. She is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and wonderful to work with. She is naturally curious about her practice and the science that could contribute to better understanding of how yoga and related practices work and how they produce the salutary benefits many people are now coming around to acknowledging and accepting.
Jason S. Moser, PhD
Associate Professor - Department of Psychology, Michigan State University
Thank you for the opportunity to visit your studio to learn about your work on trauma-informed yoga this morning. It was a delight meeting and talking with you. I appreciate you sharing your personal and professional stories about healing and overcoming trauma. The students who spoke with me after the visit expressed that this opportunity was powerful and moving.
Kevin L. Brooks, PhD
Academic Specialist for Diversity and Civic Engagement, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University
Kintla, I want to thank you for your amazing yoga workshop last week. It was a very powerful experience for our survivors. I am hoping that we can continue to partner with you in the future. I truly appreciated your vulnerable leadership and compassionate approach. I know that most of the survivors I have the privilege of working with would benefit from body work, yoga and breathing exercises.
Tana Fedewa, LMSW
Therapist, Sexual Assault Program, Michigan State University

— Therapy —

Working with Kintla was a life changing experience for me. She helped me recognize where my emotional pain was coming from and ways I was hurting myself more. She taught me ways to heal myself and become someone who loves herself. I’m a better and more healthy person because of her. I have better boundaries and am happier. I have new tools to deal with my depression and am able to deal with the struggles life brings a lot more effectively. Thank you for not only saving me but teaching me how to save myself.
While sitting at the doctor’s waiting to be seen I could feel some anxiety creeping in–not a full blown panic attack, just that feeling you get as one approaches. They took my vitals and sure enough my body was physically reacting: high heart rate and blood pressure up. With just a couple of breathing exercises I was able to get my BP down to an acceptable rate. Amazing that I got to see how effective breathing can be. Thank you, Kintla Yoga.
Name Withheld
You always make my heart smile. Thank you for always being kind and validating me, Kintla. I have not done it alone, you have been so instrumental in my healing. I’m not a hero, what I have been through so many others have been through. I just want to heal and be able to help others the way you have for me, and be a voice for others. You are my hero and inspiration, Kintla. You have been my light through my darkness. You have found something in me I couldn’t see, you made me believe.
Name Withheld
PTS[D] = Post Traumatic Success!
David McCleery
Veteran, Vietnam War
Thank you for teaching me about healing. I am grateful that you are able to share your gift with me. You have helped me so much. I am starting to feel present again. What a great feeling!
Name Withheld
I have been so blessed to have met and worked with Kintla on my healing journey. I have never met such an inspiring and wonderful soul who is so genuine about helping others. I remember telling my family that Kintla is the kind of person who can see into your soul and read you like a book…in the best way possible. She has not only been an inspiration but a wonderful supporter of my healing. She has a caring yet professional demeanor and never pushed me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with. She truly understands how trauma affects another human being and I have learned so much more about myself and how the human mind and body interact. I highly recommend working with her to anyone, whether you think you like yoga or not, as Kintla is definitely a necessary player on your healing journey.
Kintla has changed my life through yoga!
Carmen Sorensen Weatherbee
I wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful I am for the gift of your time, your energy, and your sensitivity that you have chosen to share with me. It feels like someone finally understands. And it’s not only that it feels like you understand, but that you’ve been through the fire yourself, and yet you are still willing to brave the flames again to offer your help…so I will say both, ‘Thank You’ and a very heartfelt ‘Namaste’.
Name Withheld
I feel so at ease in Kintla’s class. She reminds us constantly to listen to our bodies and makes so many great suggestions for ways that we can take the relaxing experience into our lives.
So this is a message of gratitude. Your teachings are invaluable and I want you to know that. *** Please know the powerful, profound impact you have on your students. Your work means the world.
Name Withheld
[Kintla] opened my eyes to this whole other opportunity for well-being that I didn’t even know existed.
Logan Stark
Former Marine Scout Sniper, Afghanistan / Documentary Filmmaker
Just got out of another great session with [my therapist]. I feel so thankful for [Kintla] and yoga today, knowing that with that foundation, I am about to embark on some amazing additional healing. So grateful for Kintla Yoga! Thank you.
Name Withheld
I wanted to say it in a simple way: I am very thankful for Kintla and her healing gift in all our lives.
Name Withheld
You won’t meet a more kind and welcoming person than Kintla. In the short time I have been working with her, I have gained several new coping skills. I consider what I have learned invaluable.
Erin Lunsted
Thank you for helping me heal and being a safe place and safe person. You have helped me more than you know.
Name Withheld
I have taken several classes with Kintla when she was running the yoga to live music classes [guitar, cello and/or violin]. Each of them was a total gift. The yoga and music blended together effortlessly, and I walked out of each class more together, more focused and more blessed for the experience. Thank you Kintla. Namaste’!
Charmaine Lanjopoulos DC RYT
I learned a lot about myself and relaxation and interconnectedness from Kintla, thank you so much for that.
Name Withheld
I have attended several of Kintla’s yoga classes throughout the years, and it is always a beautiful, spiritual experience! This is beyond yoga for strength, fitness, peace, or relaxation……her classes bring healing on every level of my Being and transport my consciousness to an expanded place where clarity and One-ness merges with my physicality! Kintla is a gift and a blessing in my life……and she lets Universal Source Energy guide everything that she says and does. Thank you Kintla!
I felt sooooooo great this morning after last night’s class!!! I usually get out of bed feeling very crippled until I warm up. That was not the case this morning. No back pain AT ALL!!! Hmmm, I think you are on to something. It was so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Name Withheld


Kintla Striker, creator of Kintla Yoga Therapy®, came to Houston to teach trauma-informed yoga to victims of Hurricane Harvey. I learned a series of empowering practices from Kintla, including breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and mindful movement. I may have started our session as a hurricane victim, but I ended up a warrior with a new lease on life, my job and my family. I highly recommend Kintla’s trauma-informed yoga therapy program.
Angela H.
Houston, TX


Maintaining Sobriety through KYT
The choice to finally get sober can be one of the most important and difficult decisions one can make. And, not everyone’s recovery will look like yours. Find something that works for you and do that. It was in the rooms of A.A where my journey to recovery first began. I worked the 12 steps, I did the 90 meetings in 90 days. I got a sponsor. I changed my play places, my play things, and my play mates. I was active in my recovery and was one of the youngest people to begin a group for other young people. I was a treasurer and general service representative for my home group. I was a sponsor.
The other path I took to recovery was through Kintla Yoga Therapy or KYT. It was four years ago I was first introduced to trauma informed yoga through KYT. It was a period in my life where I was struggling to just survive. I had hit my rock bottom and I was living a life that I could no longer bear to continue. This was not the first time I decided to get sober or seek treatment. However, it was the first time I looked into why I became addicted. What made me continue to pick up and drink despite knowing the consequences and possible outcomes?
It was through KYT that I was able to connect with my body for the first time in my life. For me the triggers in addiction are the scariest part. Triggers are different from person to person, but they are every where around you. A trigger is something that stimulates an addict to revert back to old feelings and behaviors. These triggers can be in the form of emotional, social or environmental factors that remind you of previous alcohol use. Even when I am not triggered, I fear that it could come at any time. Through KYT I have been able to better understand my triggers without needing to react or escape them through alcohol. Practicing KYT on a regular basis has allowed me to become attuned to my own body. I can recognize the warning signs of addictive behavior before it happens. In addition, instead of ignoring the signs, I have learned to listen and understand my body in a non-judgmental way.
Name Withheld


The truth is that your training most certainly changed my life and my teaching practice. I immediately implemented some of the methods and theories that you talked about and found that it created a more sacred space in the classroom, a deeper, more meaningful relationship with individual clients and students, and a greater sense of fulfillment as a therapist or teacher.
Your training is unique in that it’s got all the intellectual, scientific, and quantitative analytics that help us translate the spiritual science of Yoga into our modern, secularized, left-brain dominant world. AND, because of who you are, your rich experience with self-healing and self-awareness, and your open heart towards a world that needs genuine healing of heart, your training is also a psycho-spiritual empowerment.
As I was driving home from East Lansing that day, I literally felt that my lap had widened. Not because we did any “hip openers” or because we spent too long sitting, it was a broadening of my capacity to hold people. I had been empowered, by You, to move into the world as a personified safe space where someone suffering the effects of trauma could find respite and relief.
Like all things, implementation is the difficult part, and I quickly saw my own negatives that held me back from being the all-accepting safe space I experienced while sitting alone. This propelled my journey of self-awareness in a new way. As a dedicated practitioner, I can not ask for a greater gift than the gift of self-awareness.
All this proves to me how perfect a match is Yoga and Trauma therapy. Yoga, the spiritual science of Wholeness as a therapy for our disconnected, dis-integrated, traumatized population. It just makes sense.
Thank you for what you do. I highly recommend Kintla’s trauma-informed yoga therapy program.
Karen Storms Rohm
Kintla Yoga provides an in depth and comprehensive workshop for yoga teachers wishing to deepen their understanding of therapeutic and trauma sensitive yoga. Beginning with the components of trauma including safety within the body, the workshop invites the yoga teacher to empower healing in trauma victims. Kintla shares her approach to therapy with an emphasis on heart centered, choice driven, and mindfulness based practices.
I highly recommend the workshop and can’t say enough good things about the training. Kintla engages those who work in trauma with personal and professional experience bringing passion to trauma sensitive yoga.
The two days go by quickly and participants are left with a thirst to learn more. It’s an incredible experience and I’m already looking forward to more workshops in the series and working towards full certification.
Daniel Sernicola
Module 1 Workshop Participant
I believe all yoga teachers should have some training in trauma-informed yoga and I definitely think this training is worth it.
Ann French
Module 1 Workshop Participant
Gratitude to you and your work Kintla. Your teachings were enlightening on all levels of my life and relationships. Keep shining that light onto the darkness.
Leslie K. Reynolds, MD
Module 1 Workshop Participant
If you have ever considered learning more about the use of yoga to help with trauma, then enroll in this class. The weekend training that I shared with Kintla and my fellow classmates will forever be an essential part of my practice and teaching.
Scott Waite
Module 1 Workshop Participant